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Transformation Training

The Agile Transformation training is the first crucial step towards the journey of an adaptive organizational structure. The Agile Transformation training makes the shift necessary to agile thinking and doing so that you are able to kick-off your transformation.

Course Outline

 Duration: 3 -5 days (depending on the level of familiarity with Agile processes and individual requests)

 Max number of people: 70

Language: English

 Who should attend?


  • anyone who is new to Agile and wants to start their Agile journey 

  • management, executives and other leaders with organizational influence who want to learn a structured approach to Agile solution delivery​

Day 1: Agile Awareness 

  • Agile Manifesto

  • Agile Mindset Shift

  • The 12 Agile principles

  • Values

  • Collaborative working

  • Self-organizing teams

  • Cross-functional teams

  • Continuous improvement 

  • Incremental and iterative development

  • From Hierarchy to Holacracy 

Day 2: Scrum 

  • Scrum framework

  • Scrum roles 

  • Scrum Events (Sprint Planning, Review, Retrospective, Daily Stand-up, Product Backlog Refinement)

  • Sprint Planning (Estimation techniques and creation of Sprint goal)

  • Scrum artifacts

  • Product Backlog (Prioritization, Sprint Backlog)

  • Simulation of a sprint

  • Stacey Matrix

  • Information radiators and metrics (Sprint burn down charts,                   Release burn down charts, task boards, Sprint Board)

Day 3: Organizational Change. Building Agile Company

  • Actual process of work

  • Visualization of the current working mode

  • Understanding challenges

  • Using gained knowledge find a way to approach the challenges

  • Design the approach

  • Challenge the approach in order to simplify it

  • Build a roadmap

  • Design of agreement on the new way of working

  • Create team's Manifesto

Debriefs and discussions follow through the activities so that participants are able to relate all the learnings to their own context and share experiences with other participants.

Practical Details:


  • Coffee breaks included

  • Materials and training will be in English (soon available in Chinese)

  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance 

  • Laptops are not required

  • Attendees can receive digital copies of all used materials


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