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The PURPOSE of organizational coaching is to help management structure the business pillars of the organization and align them with business strategies, long term planning, team set-up, and leadership principles.

Further, to​ foster an organizational culture and mindset shift resulting in higher profitability.

Agile Minds coaches focus on:

  • having a clear vision on how an Agile organization could be 

  • planning and facilitating roadmap planning and retrospective sessions

  • helping to create Agile strategy

  • changing management practices 

  • mindset shift

  • Scrum Scaling

  • change of organizational structure

  • facilitating transition 

Organizational coaching includes:

  • Trainings and workshops as it is crucial for an organization to have a clear understanding of Agile both principles and practices 

  • Guide in creating a vision where the organization wants to be in the future and setting corresponding targets and initial action plan

  • Ways and methods towards embracing Agile values and principles so that you create a culture of I&A, continuous improvement, visibility, trust, self-management, and cross-functionality. Many Agile transformations start with implementing mechanics (processes, methods, frameworks) and such companies fail to integrate behavioral and cultural changes and therefore are not able to make the mindset leap. As a result, they fail to realize the business benefits Agile can bring. Therefore, Agile Minds coaches spend a significant amount of time guiding and helping to make the shift.

  • Regularly joining management meetings (recommended but not mandatory). The purpose of joining management meetings is to observe decision-making process and to provide constructive feedback in order to improve efficiency so that they move towards the organizational vision. 

  • One-on-one coaching. During the transformation period, people often have a lot of questions and they are puzzled about their roles, responsibilities and process.  

My organization needs it. Now what?

The first step is to reach out to us and let us know about yourself. Our team will set up a face-to-face meeting to learn about your organization, challenges and goals as well as explore our approach. If we both think there is an opportunity to help the following step will be to let us now when you want to get started! After, we will make a customized plan for your organization!

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