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Agile Transformation starts from leaders who recognize the strategic opportunity and benefits of being an Agile organization. Leadership Coaching is for middle-management, senior management and executives who want to expand their capability with becoming advocators of Agile initiative, encouraging discovery and incremental mindset while working in alignment with the company goals and strategies.

Helping Hands

Leadership coaching includes:

  • Trainings and workshops. It is extremely challenging for teams to work in Agile way when more senior levels of the organization are not. Therefore, a basic understanding of practices and deep comprehension of  Agile principles and values at the management level is critical for successful implementation. The change towards a more agile organization can happen only if there are enough understanding and support from management.

  • Coaching to create and maintain a self-organizing culture. While we want teams to solve their challenges on their own, leaders play a crucial role in the process of teams becoming self-organized. Often leaders have announced "from now on you are empowered", however, there is no practical validation in actions of this change. This sometimes includes not providing up-front solutions as that only reinforces manager's role as "decision maker". Instead, after leadership coaching sessions leaders will create a certain level of awareness to realize when managers might be limiting the teams. Furthermore, coach leaders to help teams to identify possible solutions themselves.

  • Coaching to create an environment where it is safe to fail, an environment where team members feel motivated, heard and supported, an environment where people grow at the team and individual level through continuous learning. 

  • One-on-one coaching sessions. When moving from traditional project management towards Agile approach encompasses a lot of changes including a change in role responsibilities and ways to lead the teams. 

  • Regularly joining management meetings (recommended but not mandatory). The purpose of joining management meetings is to observe decision-making process and to provide constructive feedback in order to improve efficiency so that they move towards the organization's vision. 

  • Closing the gap between management and associates to improve management actions through frequent feedback loops. 

The Leadership coach focuses on:


  • shift from manager to leader

  • change in managerial responsibilities and actions

  • guiding in creation of environment

  • joining meetings

  • closing gaps

  • organizational culture change

  • mindset shift

Our teams need it. Now what?

The first step is to reach out to us and let us know about yourself. Our team will set up a face-to-face meeting to learn about your challenges, your organization, Agile methods and goals as well as explore our approach. If we both think there is an opportunity to help, the following step will be to let us now when you want to get started! After, we will start to craft a customized plan suiting your needs so that you get best out of the sessions!

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