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Feedback Training

Do you give regular feedback to your team and teammates? Or do you avoid it because it makes you feel uncomfortable? For many of us, just a thought of giving or receiving feedback is intolerable. However, feedback is the only path to improvement.

Feedback culture enables cultivation of trust in the team and flourishes a positive mindset.

You will:​

  • to give positive and constructive feedback to colleagues and across roles

  • learn constructive feedback techniques

  • learn individual and group feedback methods

  • understand the importance of feedback

Modules Covered:

  • What is Feedback Culture

  • Why do we need feedback

  • Do's & Don'ts of feedback

  •  Individual Feedback Methods 

  1. Kudo Cards​

  2. Feedback Wraps

  3. Feedback Counter

  • Group Feedback Methods 

  1. I wish/ I like​

  2. Five Fingers 

  3. Excellence Feedback

  4. Four Step Feedback

Debriefs and discussions follow through the activities so that participants are able to relate all the learnings to their own context and share experiences with other participants.

Practical Details:


  • Coffee breaks included

  • Materials and training will be in English (soon available in Chinese)

  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance 

  • Laptops are not required

  • Attendees can receive digital copies of all used materials

       Duration: 1 -3 days (content is customized         to individual needs)

       Max number of people: 15

       Language: English

       Who should attend? 

  • those who want to enable providing effective feedback (leaders, managers, team mates) 

  • those who want to enable receiving the feedback on their performance


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1440, Middle Yan'an Road, 1F, Apollo Building, Jing'an District, Shanghai

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