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Conflict Management

Collaboration allows a team to come up with effective solutions to complex problems. The depth of relationship with each other in the team determines the quality of the team's results.

You will:

  • leverage the full collaborative potential in your teams

  • increase individual empathy in a team setting

  • improve communication practices

  • make the team working to a shared short-term goal 

  • get to know each other better and familiarize with each member's strengths and weaknesses

  • achieve faster, better team decision making 

  • develop informal but clear agreements between team members about how they are going to work together

  • have some fun together​

Duration: half day 

 Max number of people: 3-10

 Language: English

Who should attend? Teams that want to be more effective and improve their collaboration

Training Outline:​​

  • Understanding the current stage of teams development using Tuckman's model

  • Characteristics of High Performance Teams

  • 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis

  • Relationship Triangle

  • Creating high-level action plan to move forward to the next stage

  • Trading Game

  • Equilateral Triangles Collaboration

  • Building the Bridge Activity

  • Building trust activities 

  • Motivation and Engagement

  • Tackling fear of conflict

  • Integration of NVC technique

  • Team decision making analysis 

  • Expectations exchange

Debriefs and discussions follow through the activities so that participants are able to relate all the learnings to their own context and share experiences with other participants.

Practical Details:


  • Coffee breaks included

  • Materials and training will be in English (soon available in Chinese)

  • Laptops are not required

  • Attendees can receive digital copies of all used materials

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