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To start with Agile Minds is easy

“...taught me ways and approaches to become a better team leader 

— Qiu Ju, Scrum Master, China


We are Agile Minds

Agile Minds is helping organizations across myriad industries to improve their agility by training and coaching people at all levels to spring up their business outcomes and create a culture of engaged employees.

We focus on Real Agile. Real adherence to Agile values and principles, actual customer collaboration, faster feedback/learning loops, creation of collaborative team - centric environments and advocation of servant leadership. 

Our clients and partners know that Agility is a cultural shift that might be painful in the beginning but has brought fruitful results later. If you are ready for this change, - we are here to help and support the best way we can!

If you resonate with this description and are excited about it, take up this new challenge!







People spend 60% of their day with colleagues and bosses in the office. And 80% on average quit their job because of job dissatisfaction, attention! only 20% - because of the money. We believe in self-management and satisfied employees, not in bureaucracy, hierarchy or wage-slaves.


We believe in Agile because it empowers people. And we believe in people because people are the core and operational DNA of any business. Too many organizations sacrifice people to save numbers, not other way around. To reach fulfillment at work is a modern life luxury, not a norm. We want to make it the norm. 

We believe Agile is a lot about mindset, therefore we always deliver the importance of Agile values and principles. Transparency, trust, courage, commitment, focus are few of them which we coach and live by in our company.


Furthermore, Agile delivers value to the customer fast, increases productivity, predictability, enables to survive in VUCA environment, reduces risk, gamifies the whole process and supports the growth of individuals and teams. Therefore, we believe Agile is a game changer for individuals and organizations in the 21st century.


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1440, Middle Yan'an Road, 1F, Apollo Building, Jing'an District, Shanghai

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